Sat. May 25th, 2024

Lack of academic staff at colleges affects quality education in Balochistan

Students in Balochistan mostly remain unable to continue their college education because of having a limited number of academic staff in colleges. Sadia 23, previously a student of Kalat Degree College, had to give up her studies as there were hardly enough teachers to teach at her college.

“I planned to do my BS degree in English language and Linguistics, but soon my desire ended in smoke when we had no teachers to teach the major subjects. After one or two classes we had to sit free till the end of the college day. I had planned to do my BS as a regular student and get command over my major subject but it was discouraging when in the second semester, our subject of linguistic remained untaught, since there was no teacher of the mentioned subject.,” Sadia told Balochistan Review.

With the current situation in most colleges across Balochistan, private exam is one of the options thousands of students take. Sadia continued, “Even though, I had planned to do my bachelors from Kalat College, but I was compelled to quit and prepare for private exams.”

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