Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

No participation of stakeholders in district-level Budget consultation weakens democratic process in Balochistan

In order to strengthen democracy, it is very essential to introduce and empower it at grass root level. The smallest unit of democracy is union council. Later councilors perform at district level. Democracy progresses with community participation and develops sense of ownership in general masses for local and national initiatives. Democracy takes deep roots, if the system is owned by people. District level budget consultation is one of the key functions for community development and ownership in democratic process to ensure transparency in governance.

When it comes to budget making process at district level it has been observed that the stakeholders are not consulted in the process. It has been experienced that most of the stakeholders are not included in the budget making process. The Balochistan District Government and Tehsil Administration (Budget) Rules, which provide the detail of the steps involved in the preparation of annual budget, are not followed.

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