Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

State of Higher Education in Balochistan: A Case Study of Lasbela University

The posh, glistening admin block is more heavily guarded than the main entrance where one armed and two dark complexioned police men are busy in checking incoming and outgoing visitors in Lasbela University of Water Management and Marine Sciences (LUWAMS).

The newly-built admin block is built close to main gate which now cuts down a distance of 2 kilometres for visitors who, before establishment of the new building, had to have a hike to meet the Vice Chancellor, Dr Dost Mohammad Bloch. But, for students, the distance to the new admin block has almost increased. Dr Dost Mohammad has credit for transformation of university’s infrastructure. It’s a busy day and routine business of the university has started. Although VC seems angry on infrastructural flaws of his newly-built admin building which has got flooded after the recent monsoon rain, yet agrees for a short interview despite having a hectic schedule, for he has to attend a meeting of Deans of his university.

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