Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024


Media Center Pakistan


Media Center Pakistan (MCP) is a registered media development, awareness and production organization with Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan, is a fully-integrated media development organization, specializing in Journalism Training, Media Awareness, Journalists Safety, Using Right to Information for Journalism, Data Journalism and Use of Social, Digital and Online Media. MCP also has wide range of expertise in television, videos, corporate videos, motion graphics, digital marketing, branded content and media campaigns.

What We Do?

At Media Center, we approach all of our client relationships with integrity, accountability, and a responsibility to deliver remarkable work on time.

In today’s marketplace, most battles are won on the digital frontier. That’s why our vision has been the same since inception. We want to offer our clients fully-integrated solutions to successfully market their businesses on all fronts.

We have a fearless creative team with a healthy balance of laser-focused strategy. Our marketing services include on and offline video production, digital strategy, market research, web design, SEO/SEM, social media and public relations.

What separates our media house from others is an in-house interactive studio and the creative team to back it. This allows us to help launch our clients with the all the tools and creative talents that they need to gain exposure and grow their brands. Our team is determined to help you reach your goals and share in your vision.

How We Do?

While the challenges presented by different projects change, we follow certain guiding principles for our work:

It’s   the   message not   the machine:

Our productions range from simple single-screen video programs and kiosk interactives to immersive media environments with multi-screen/multi-media design, including projections onto scrims and screens, special theatrical effects and multi-channel sound. But we believe our work is most successful when the technology is transparent, when visitors walk away talking about what they heard or felt or learned, not about whiz-bang technology that delivered the message.

Part of a greater whole:

Occasionally media-based exhibits “are” the show, but more often they provide context, engaging the visitors’ senses to motivate them to explore the objects and other elements of a site or exhibition more fully. We strive to provide compelling visitor experiences that expand the visitor’s knowledge and support and deepen the visitor understanding and experience of the exhibit or site.

Consider the audience:

MCP identify the target audience for each exhibit early in the design process to insure the videos and interactive programs are age and audience-appropriate in look, complexity, and navigation and visitor experience.

Attention to detail:

This might go without saying, but the smallest error can derail any project. We are rigorous about checking accuracy of information, proofreading screen text, and clearing all rights.  We make sure our clients are partners in the commitment to careful review; our product isn’t finished until it is flawless.

Finally, we want our clients  to be pleased:

we tend to have repeat business with clients and exhibit designers and because what you read are not just words – we stand by the principles stated here