Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Law and order situation improves in Balochistan in spite of threats from sectarian outfits

Azar Ali, 42, is resident of Mariabad, Quetta. He belongs to Shia Hazara community and a government servant whose two brothers and some of his relatives migrated to Australia more than a decade ago due to the deteriorated law and order situation. However, Azar Ali (His real name has been changed due to security reasons) himself decided to stay in Quetta with his family despite the fact that he was offered to settle in Australia by his brothers and other relatives, but he did not want to go and leave his hometown.

“I know our country is fighting terrorism but I can’t leave my country and hometown Quetta as I have had great memories here and now peace is returning in our province,” Azar Ali told Balochi Zind, adding that he had lost his many friends and relatives in bomb blasts and target killings in Quetta during the past one decade. However, Azar Ali said that he avoids regular visit to markets and public gatherings besides taking preventive measures to reach office and return back home.

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