Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

MCP-Small Media Partners Quarterly Networking Meeting in Islamabad

Media Center Pakistan held quarterly networking with our small media partners from Balochistan in Islamabad at a local hotel to review the past three months of their performance and guide them on meeting reporting requirements for program, MnE and finance.

Partner organizations were represented by both male and female participants.  The three-day meeting from March 11-13 2019 saw representatives of each partner entity presenting their progress reports to MCP with focus on production of stories, organizational development and challenges encountered.

The meeting provided a useful opportunity to all participants to share their experiences and benefit from each other’s lessons learned.

Participants presenting their progress report

Ms. Asma Usmani leading her session on MnE

MCP staff took this opportunity to hold dedicated sessions on program, MnE and Finance in order to apprise the partners of their omissions and shortcomings in meeting their set deliverables.

Partner organizations said the project was providing them a unique learning opportunity, and also an opportunity to ensure sustainability of their organization in the most challenging scenarios.

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