Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Government fails to reduce growing unemployment in Balochistan

Quetta: Saeed Ahmed,28, was one of the toppers among National Testing Candidate’s for teaching posts in Union Council Chatkan of Panjgur district, in 2015. Allegedly he was refused to be posted as a teacher, due to the non-availability of vacant post at his UC. This did not happen only in district Panjgur, however, almost in all districts of Balochistan various toppers in UCs were refused to be given their rights to be appointed as a teacher. The denial to almost 332 candidates resulted in peaceful protests in all districts of Balochistan.

The protests continued for more than twenty months in different districts of Balochistan and later they set a camp in front of Quetta Press club in 2018, demanding justice against merit.

The nonviolent protest could not get attention of Balochistan government. It not only resulted hopelessness among the NTS pass candidates but Saeed Ahmed committed suicide by burning himself in Panjgur Bazar as a protest on 5th September 2018, against injustice. Later burn injuries caused his death in a week.

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